Odry Bastianello

Meditation, Massage and Reiki

I’m a qualified meditation teacher and holistic therapist based here in gorgeous Cornwall, though originally born and raised in Italy. My research and focus address various states of transcendence, particularly states of Flow in creativity and performance. Having been immersed in the creative industries and music business for a long time, I strongly believe in the engagement with practices that encourage self-care on a physical, mental and spiritual level, to help us feel better, more energetic, at ease, and facilitate optimal performance.

I love helping people finding their true self, their unique expression. Through meditation, holistic and energy therapies, whether in workshops and seminars, or on a one-to-one setting, I aim to facilitate a state of mind which is relaxed yet alert, and lets creative expression and interpretation unfold.

Amy Jones


I am an experienced British Wheel of Yoga teacher with a degree in Music and Music Education. Prior to my yoga teachings I taught secondary music education for over a decade, having originally trained as a classical musician. I firmly believe yoga is for everyone, and my thorough training and experience enables me to cater for all needs and abilities. For this retreat, I’ll deliver a high-quality yoga class for all-levels that will be especially useful for flute performers including carpal tunnel relief, breath work and postures to open up the neck and shoulders. Our class will be taught in my beautiful, dedicated yoga studio in St Agnes, situated within the Miners and Mechanics Institute

Roger Radcliffe

Coastal Walk and St. Agnes Guide

Roger’s passion for the sea and St. Agnes stems from generations of his family having been associated with both. His parents instilled in him a love of the Cornish coast; his father introduced him to lobster fishing.

Graduating in Biological Sciences, Roger’s early career focused on ecological management and conservation including Cornish mining heritage. After a short time with the National Trust and Cornwall Archaeological Unit, he worked in local government promoting economic development.

As a founder member and more recently Chairman of St. Agnes Museum Trust, Roger has spent many years seeking and spreading local knowledge to help tell the story of the Cornish landscape and the people who shaped it. His book The Search for the Lady Agnes was commended in 2009’s Holyer and Gof. Inspired by the Celtic Sea, walks and talks remain a feature of his work. Explaining his bardic name, Roger said “In a sense, ‘Mackerel’ is one of the great languages of the sea. These beautiful little fish tell us so much about the health of our Cornish waters, I want people to be inspired by and engage in this conversation with nature.”

Kate Alpe

Sound Healing Practitioner

Kate’s journey with the ancient practice of sound healing began in 2012 after her own first-hand experience whilst recovering from a ‘lifetime’ diagnosis of ME. At this time, she experienced the powerful benefits of sound and vibration and became passionate to learn more and dive deeper as her health improved. Kate qualified as a sound healing practitioner with the Suara Sound Academy in 2015 and has since continued her training with the Suara Academy, Sheila Whittakers Gong training and the Colour of Sound Institute.

Kate enjoys collaborating and offering her own unique sound healing based workshops and retreats in the UK and Europe on a regular basis. As a qualified hypnotherapist, NLP, and Rahanni energy healing practitioner, she finds herself regularly weaving these practices into her meditations and sound journeys.

With a strong affinity for the natural world, Kate spends the summer months living closely with the elements in her campervan, choosing the remote cliff tops, beaches, caves and ancient woodland of the North Cornwall coast.

If you are considering participating in the Boho Retreat this year, go for it. I recommend it.

Su M.

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