The Flute Studio

Situated in a Grade-2 listed building, the flute studio and the practice lounge are on the premises of a former Edwardian shoe shop.

Both rooms are stocked to enhance your musicality and lend aesthetic calm to your retreat. You will find the original Edwardian wooden floorboards, stained glass art deco glass, large shopfront windows overlooking the St. Agnes main street and globally sourced vintage décor, all designed to help you chill out and ignite your creativity.

Relax with your own Scandinavian wood burner (don’t worry we can run this for you if needed!), light some candles, play old vintage records, CDs, cozy up to a large selection of creativity/art/ spirituality/ music books. Also provided is high-speed Wi-Fi, and a large armchair and sofa to use if you just need a break from it all to take a snooze.

Thank you so much for all the great material you shared with us. It was just what I needed to help me get my enthusiasm back. I am looking forward to some exciting practising on my own, and am feeling more confident about trying some new things this term.

Joyce R., Suffolk

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