The Nourished Flautist Retreat

The Nourished Flautist is a 5 day holistic flute retreat created to help rejuvenate your body, soul, mind and flute playing! Pamper yourself with a yoga class, a meditative sound bath, and coastal walking (all included activities) while also working on your flute skills. You’ll also have 1:1 lessons, group playing and masterclass sessions to keep you inspired. Let the sea air blow out those cobwebs and refresh both your spirit and your fluting at the iconic coastal village of St. Agnes on Cornwall’s north coast. You’ll leave this retreat feeling strong, recharged, and nourished.

We have 6 spaces at each retreat to ensure much individual attention can be offered to you.

The Illuminated Flautist Retreat

Are you an advanced player (post Gr. 8+ to professional) wanting to kick-start/work on a big flutey goal? Maybe an upcoming solo recital, an exam, an album recording, orchestral audition, a competition, or even some teacher training? Or maybe you’re a bit burnt-out in general and need to fall in love with your playing again? Have you been telling yourself: ‘I need to have some expert teaching and guidance in order to make it really happen!’?. If so, this advanced flute retreat is for you.

Think 5 days of laser-sharp, highly-focussed flute sessions (1:1 lessons, 12 hours of flute classes, plus dedicated ensemble and pedagogy training) all designed to illuminate your playing in order to move towards completing your goal. Think spaaaaace (no interruptions, no distractions) to focus on it all— in a beautiful coastal setting. With plenty of downtime built into the retreat for practice — there’s also tons of other chilled activities to partake, too. Choose from yoga classes to attend, massages, stretching, fresh air, sunshine, starlight, coastal cliff-top meandering…or do absolutely nothing. The Illuminated Flautist is just what your flute playing, body and soul need to move forward with ease and grace.

We only have 4 places at this retreat to ensure that you receive all of our devoted attention.

Thanks so much for my inspiring lesson. It was really lovely to come and I felt I got a great deal from the work we did. Not just for me personally, but helping me in my recent teaching of the flute. I already feel far more confident for my pupils.

Caroline A., Bristol

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